Sofia Vergara on her new lingerie line

Michelle Scarr

"Modern Family" star, Sofia Vergara strutted into the Build Studio dressed to perfection ready to talk to us about lingerie. Could we be anymore excited?

Vergara introduces us to EBY, a subscription based underwear box that helps women around the world start their own businesses. Created by Vergara, EBY, which stands for "Empowered By You", donates 10% of net sales to Seven Bar Foundation to empower women through microfinance, giving girls and women small loans to start their own businesses.

Vergara does not shy away from her own experience with this underwear. "I fell in love with the underwear. It was amazing. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted in an underwear...that I didn't know I needed in an underwear," Vergara raved. (The underwear uses new technology that prevents bunching and sliding!)

Showing off the different styles of panties onstage, Vergara revealed a little notecard that comes which each subscription box. On the card is a picture and story of a young woman who was empowered by your EBY subscription.

"We want to show the type of women that we're going to be empowering. Who is that girl you're going to be empowering somewhere in the world," she elaborated.

EBY promises inclusivity with sizes that range from XS to 4XL in a variety of colors and six different styles. Vergara stressed that the underwear will always be the same price no matter the size or style. So that's no more spending more money for more fabric, ladies!

And, of course, Vergara didn't leave us without teasing season 9 of "Modern Family". (Catch the interview for more deets!) "It's been amazing. It's the best job in my life because it's given me the opportunity to do things like this, like has made me a household name. I am really thankful for 'Modern Family'. It's a pleasure to go to work."

It was also a pleasure to have Sofia Vergara in the studio to support such an inspiring cause. Find more info about EBY at and catch Vergara on "Modern Family" Wednesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.