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Solo Stove fire pit bundles are up to $110 off right now

The sale brings the 15-inch Ranger stove plus accessories down to $210.

Solo Stove

Summer nights are ideal for gathering around a fire pit — but smoke in your eyes is less than fun. Solo Stove makes stainless steel numbers that minimize the smoke thanks to a double wall design that recirculates the air and reburns the particulate, resulting in less of it getting in your face and in your hair. If you've got an outdoor space that could use a little night time fire ambiance, now is a good time to get a Solo Stove as the company is hosting a sale on bundles of its more popular models. That includes the Ranger Essential Bundle for $210 instead of $320 (a $110 discount).

A bundle with the 15-inch diameter stove, a base plate, ash pan, stand, lid and carry case is currently $110 off. 

$210 at Solo Stove

The Ranger is billed as the portable model — big enough for people to gather around, but at 15-inches across, you can easily take it with you on camping trips and the like. The bundle includes the stove ($230 at full price on its own) plus a stand to give the stove a little lift, an ash plate for easier cleanup, a lid to keep the rain out and a carry case to help with portability.

The bundle comes as part of a larger Father's Day sale, with discounts across the site, including a set based around the mid-sized, 19.5-inch Bonfire for $80 off at $340. The largest stove, the 30-inch diameter Canyon, is part of a bundle that's seeing the smallest discount, with $20 off to make it $820. Whichever size you go for, we think you'll enjoy the mostly smoke free experience — and recommend it in our guide to outdoor gear. One of our favorite pizza ovens from that same guide, the Solo Pi dual fuel is also on sale, for $70 off the starter bundle (it's now $380).

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