Someone has attacked this Iraq War veteran and stolen her service dog

Ashley McCall of Concord, N.H, an Iraq War veteran, is now without her service dog, and police are hunting for the dognapper.

McCall was getting into her car Thursday afternoon when, she says, a man approached her and began asking her about her dog, Jax.

“And he reaches for my door, and he pulls it open. So I shut it back, and as I do that, he takes me and slams me to the ground. And then takes Jax and gets into this silver Ford Focus and leaves and starts speeding off,” McCall told Fox25 in an interview.

McCall has the dog to help her with depression and anxiety, making the episode about more than just the loss of a beloved pet. “Ultimately, we just want the dog back. He’s a family member. He’s not a pet. He’s a family member,” said McCall’s husband, Chris.


Fred Keach, the owner of a local flower shop, told police he had seen two men sitting in a car since that morning. Keach, a former law enforcement officer, became suspicious and approached the men.

The two said they were waiting to pick someone up, but to Keach that “didn’t make sense,” since “when in this day and age when everyone has a cellphone, you can pick up the phone, call, and ask them where they are, so from the beginning it looked like there was some ambush that was about to happen at some point.”

Keach provided a description of the two men, the car they were driving, and a license plate number to police.

“He is a provider of unconditional love,” said McCall of Jax in a text to Fox25. “Jax helps calm me when anxious. Could really use him now,” she wrote.

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