Someone made a video of every time the TTC made it to the big screen

<i>Photo: Enemy.
Photo: Enemy

If you’re anything like me, you’d get a kick out of seeing your hometown featured on the big screen.

However long or short the cameo, there’s a sense of pride that comes along with seeing one’s own landmarks gracing TV programs other than the news.

Toronto is practically a Hollywood star — but like most stars the city rarely gets to play itself. Our transit system alone has been masqueraded in a number of movies and television shows from “Beauty & The Beast” (television series) to “Resident Evil: Apocalypse.”

And now, one clever Youtuber has amalgamated more than an hour worth of TTC cinema — the video notes that most of the footage was taken at Lower Bay Station. Check it out:

It’s no wonder the public transit service thinks it’s appropriate to stock its own merch.

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