Someone photoshopped President Trump to see what he would look like with 'normal hair' editors

With President Trump's hair being one of his more famous features, we've long wondered the story behind his iconic 'do. Don't blame us, it's the 'lifestyle' in us. 

Back in February, the president's longtime doctor reportedly revealed some inside facts about Trump's quaffed mane. "He has all his hair," Dr. Harold Bornstein explained. According to the doctor, Trump takes a drug called finasteride, which works to prevent hair loss, and possibly underwent a hair transplant a while back. 

Despite all the hate against the 71-year-old's hair, it's important to note that hair loss is definitely more common than you think


But now, the internet is taking Trump's hair situation a bit further, imagining what he would look like with a 'normal' head of hair. A photoshopped photo of the Trump has been circulating Twitter, where many are taken back by the president's new appearance. 

Twitter also claims he's identical to a future Owen Wilson, which we can't help but agree with. But of course, this new take is nothing compared to this bird-look-alike that went viral last election. 

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