Someone stole all of this man's Christmas decorations — including the extension cords

When Chris Somerton of St. John's pulled up to his house after working overnight, he expected to see the colourful Christmas decorations he put up the day before. 

What he found instead was every single Christmas inflatable had been stolen off his property. 

"I was just so angry and upset. I mean, like … who steals Christmas stuff?" said Somerton.

Submitted by Chris Somerton

Somerton is still trying to figure out how someone could have stolen hundreds of dollars' worth of inflatable decorations between the time his family went to sleep Monday night and when he came home from work early Tuesday morning.

The thieves would have had to climb about a dozen stairs up to his front porch to steal the inflatable sitting directly in front of the living room window. 

A brand new Santa Claus was one out of about four large inflatables that were ripped from the outlets.

They even stole the extension cords.

Submitted by Chris Somerton

"[It's] just the uncomfortable feeling that someone came on your property and just vandalized and stole stuff.… How am I supposed to feel safe in my house if I have people doing that?"

Somerton said the RNC has been notified.

Putting up Christmas decorations has been a favourite Christmas hobby in the Somerton household, a way of spreading holiday cheer among the family and the community.

Somerton said the family is offering a cash reward to get the items back.

"They just stole the Christmas spirit."

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