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Sonos has discounted refurbished speakers and soundbars by up to 25 percent

The Beam Gen 2 is $100 off.


Sonos speakers and soundbars are up to 25 percent off as part of a sitewide sale on refurbished products. This includes the well-reviewed Beam Gen 2, which found a place on our list of the best soundbars. You can scoop up a refurbished Beam for $300, which is a discount of $100 or 25 percent.

This is a discount of 25 percent. 

$300 at Sonos

We picked it as the best choice for consumers looking for a mid-range soundbar that provides pro-level features without breaking the bank. That’s even more true now with today’s sale. The Beam Gen 2 boasts solid sound quality, Dolby Atmos support and a compact form factor that won’t call attention to itself.

As with most Sonos products, the Beam Gen 2 can team up with other models to create a robust home sound system. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and use. There are no upward-firing speakers here, but Sonos has addressed this limitation by tweaking the audio timing and frequency. On the downside, it only features a single HDMI port, so you won’t be able to directly connect a gaming console to the soundbar.

If Dolby Atmos doesn’t matter to you, the original Sonos Beam is available for $191 instead of $319. The company’s subwoofer, the Sub Gen 3, is available for $480 instead of $640 and the entry-level Ray soundbar is $164 instead of $220. These are all refurbished b-stock items but ship with the company’s standard warranty.

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