Soulja Boy Reportedly Kicks Friends out of Home After Release From Jail


Soulja Boy has reportedly been focused on changing his surroundings since coming home from jail. 

According to TMZ, sources describe Soulja's three-month stint behind bars as an "eye-opening" experience. This has prompted the rapper to usher in a few lifestyle changes, including distancing himself from friends/associates and reducing the time he spends on social media. 

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Per those close to the rapper, the most drastic decision Soulja Boy has made was kicking a host of people out of his home. As reported in April, Soulja Boy's house was robbed by a group of thieves who then hacked into the rapper's Instagram Live, where they bragged about the crime. At the time of the incident, Soulja was in jail, but he had assigned a caretaker to watch over his Agoura Hills home. That didn't stop the thieves from gaining access to his residence and making off with over $700,000 in jewelry, money, and other personal items. As a result, Soulja Boy believes that the robbery was an inside job, which led him to remove the extra tenants from his home and to stay off of social media.

Unfortunately, Big Draco had to deal with the drama surrounding his house as soon as he returned home. Thankfully, he was able to address the situation earlier than expected, as he was released from jail close to 146 days early due to good behavior, time served, and overcrowding.