'South Park' blames Whites for supporting the president

The South Park season finale was centered around the President of the United States and his relationship with the Whites. And by Whites, the show was specifically referring to Bob White and his family.

The Whites, and to be honest it was mostly just Bob, didn't agree with townspeople's disdain for the president. So while the town was trying to get rid of the president, the Whites were supporting him.

The townspeople claimed that the president was "running around, eating our pets and terrorizing our kids." So they built a "FOX trap" to catch the president.

The FOX trap was actually a FOX News set in the woods. It almost lured the president in, but the Whites intervened. The Whites also freed the president when he was later caught.

Obviously the satire was a little on the nose with the Whites. But considering their are characters like Strong Woman and PC Principal, this is just inline with the show's style.