Spice Girls wouldn't sing with Adele in case she showed them up with her voice

·TV Reporter, Yahoo Entertainment UK

The Spice Girls have admitted their summer tour could have included a superstar duet - but they turned it down so that their vocals wouldn’t be shown up.

Fans of the girl group were excited to see four of them (minus Victoria Beckham) reunited on tour, but Wembley ticket holders missed out on the chance to see them sing with Adele because they were worried they couldn’t match up to her talent.

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According to The Sun, Melanie Chisholm said: “I heard a rumour that she did want to come up and do 2 Become 1.

“But we said no because, who wants to sing with Adele?”

The Hello singer was a huge fan of the Spice Girls and posed for photos with them backstage at their Wembley Stadium date in June, but was there purely as a guest.

Mel C also spoke about Beckham’s decision not to reunite for the tour, saying the prospect was too scary for her.

Talking about their London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony performance, Beckham’s last appearance in the group, she explained: “Victoria s*** herself when we did it, not literally, but she was very nervous when we were at the Olympic Stadium. And you know what? It’s completely understandable. Her life has changed so much and she has worked so hard.”

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Claiming that Beckham was “petrified” about the performance, she said that it would have taken her outside of her comfort zone now that she is enjoying success as a fashion designer.

She added: “I think if the nerves are that uncomfortable and it kind of outweighs the joy that you get from the performance, then I understand.”

However, she also said that if the Spice Girls were ever asked to play Glastonbury, she was sure that would be the one occasion when Beckham would get back out on stage.

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