Sporty Handbags Perfect For Summer

Glynnis Mapp
TheKitJuly 17, 2012
Sporty Handbags Perfect For Summer
Sporty Handbags Perfect For Summer

Summer weather gets us outside and on the court/field/running track so why not look portable-chic with a bag that speaks to your season-appropriate activities? This summer, I’ve been thinking of taking up tennis and it’s giving me inspiration to try and buy a whole new set of sporty closet essentials. Related: Flip-flops That Go With Everything I’m dreaming of polo shirts, pleated tennis skirts, knee-high socks, tennis shoes and of course, those hairbands that keep your tresses in place while you score the final winning point (in my fashion daydreams, I always win). Anyway, if you find it hard to incorporate game-inspired accessories with your summer dresses and skirts not to worry. There are cute-and-sporty options for even the girliest summer lover. Related: 10 Clutch Bags to Covet This Summer A mix of muted greys and neons make California-based handbag brand Melie Bianco’s spring picks a favourite of mine. The brand even offers a lunch bag that is just as cute so that you can leave that brown paper bag behind. Melie Bianco Callie bag in taupe and grey, $86,

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