Star Trek confirms new Starfleet spinoff show from Discovery boss

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Star Trek confirms new Starfleet spinoff showCBS

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is officially on its way to streaming platform Paramount+.

Even better still, Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Noga Landau are in charge of the spin-off series, which will began shooting next year (via The Wrap).

An official synopsis for the YA project reads: "Under the watchful and demanding eyes of their instructors, [students] will discover what it takes to become Starfleet officers as they navigate blossoming friendships, explosive rivalries, first loves and a new enemy that threatens both the Academy and the Federation itself."

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CBS/Jan Thijs - Netflix

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Meanwhile, Kurtzman and Landau said in an in-universe announcement: "Admission is now open to Starfleet Academy! Explore the galaxy! Captain your destiny!

"For the first time in over a century, our campus will be re-opened to admit individuals a minimum of 16 Earth years (or species equivalent) who dream of exceeding their physical, mental and spiritual limits, who value friendship, camaraderie, honour and devotion to a cause greater than themselves.

"The coursework will be rigorous, the instructors among the brightest lights in their respective fields, and those accepted will live and study side-by-side with the most diverse population of students ever admitted.

"Today we encourage all who share our dreams, goals and values to join a new generation of visionary cadets as they take their first steps toward creating a bright future for us all. Apply today! Ex Astris, Scientia!"

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CBS - Netflix

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Following the show's full-series order, Paramount Streaming's chief marketing officer Domenic DiMeglio teased: "We are excited to introduce Star Trek fans to a whole new generation of Starfleet officers in training as they navigate the rigours of the Academy and the brink of adulthood in Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.

CBS Studios president David Stapf added: "Alex Kurtzman and Noga Landau's vision is a smart and thrilling take that celebrates the core principles of what Star Trek has always stood for, but through the eyes of the next generation of Starfleet's leaders."

Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1-4 are now available on Paramount+.

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