Starbucks' Debuts Sleek New Cups Celebrating Black Art And Culture

Starbucks Black History cups
Starbucks Black History cups - Starbucks

Starbucks cups are always a hot commodity, but thanks to its Artist Collaboration Series the coffee chain has been putting out some truly unique drinkware that collectors are going to want to get their hands on. Launched last year, Starbucks has already used the series to highlight Pride Month as well as artists from the Latin American community and Alaskan natives. Now, as we head into Black History Month, Starbucks is turning its attention toward elevating Black voices. Its latest collaboration is with Seattle-based artist Damon Brown, who draws inspiration from superheroes, anime, and urban art.

The Starbucks collection will feature three different pieces of drinkware, each labeled with Brown's brand name: Creative Lou. The three cups feature a color scheme of pale blues and greens with cream, designs of moving Black figures, and a background of abstract shapes. Brown says he chose the color scheme as, "An intentional play on the classic color palette of red, black and green that you may typically see represented in Black art or during Black History Month — to make it more modern and purposeful." Two of the three cups will be 24-ounce cold cups, with the other being a 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler. The collection will be available for sale starting January 30 at participating Starbucks in the United States and Canada.

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Damon Brown Is The Latest Artist In The Starbucks Collaboration Series

Damon Brown smiling
Damon Brown smiling - Starbucks

Brown grew up and lives in Seattle, and has worked with Starbucks in the past. He created a mural for the storefront at 1st and Walker in Seattle and designed a poster for the company's 50th anniversary that featured the iconic Starbucks Siren logo. Speaking of his style, Brown said, "I call it complex simplicity. I try to do a blend of shapes and movement and let your mind — the viewer's mind — connect with the art and fill in your own blanks with your own imagination." He studied classic art and painting at Washington State University, but once he got out on his own, he created a unique signature that blends animation, street art, and graphic design.

For his collection, Brown was inspired by the idea of community and wanted the drinkware to reflect the perspective of someone walking through and observing the streets. He also wanted that representation to work beyond this moment in time. "My goal for this collection was for it not to feel that it's one month only — but taking it farther and giving you something more artistic that can be enjoyed and celebrated beyond February — when it should be every day for us," he said. Given the reach he has now, and the popularity of Starbucks products, Brown's work is sure to have the impact he hopes for.

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