Stars in NBA 2K: How they looked the first time vs. now

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Since 1999, NBA 2K has been a staple of the basketball-loving gamers who could pick their favorite teams or players to play with and go to work against their friends or the computer.

The game has improved a ton since then, obviously, to where you can play story modes now and create your own player to go through an NBA career with.

Another thing that has improved massively is the graphics department.

For proof, just check below to see how NBA stars looked their first time in the game vs. now.

LeBron James: 2K4 vs 2K22

Chris Paul: 2K6 vs 2K22

Kevin Durant: 2K8 vs 2K22

Russell Westbrook: 2K9 vs 2K22

Derrick Rose: 2K9 vs 2K22

Stephen Curry: 2K10 vs 20K22

James Harden: 2K10 vs 2K22

DeMar DeRozan: 2K10 vs 2K22

Paul George: 2K11 vs 2K22

Jimmy Butler: 2K12 vs 2K22

Kawhi Leonard: 2K12 vs 2K22

Klay Thompson: 2K12 vs 2K22

Kyrie Irving: 2K12 vs 2K22

Damian Lillard: 2K13 vs 2K22

Anthony Davis: 2K13 vs 2K22

Draymond Green: 2K13 vs 2K22

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 2K14 vs 2K22

Joel Embiid: 2K15 vs 2K22

Devin Booker: 2K16 vs 2K22

Nikola Jokic: 2K16 vs 2K22



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