Stay-at-home dad dumbfounded by wife’s ‘ungrateful’ response to his cooking: ‘She’s a grown woman’

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A stay-at-home dad doesn’t want to pack his wife lunches anymore.

He shared the issue on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The dad noticed his wife wasn’t eating her lunch anymore. The husband didn’t want to waste food, so he stopped making her the meals. Now she’s upset with him.

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“I’m a stay-at-home dad of three kids,” he wrote. “I pack lunches for my wife and 5-year-old every day. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my wife wasn’t eating the lunches I pack for her. I tried changing up the dishes so she’d not feel bored. She still was bringing back her lunches uneaten. I then asked her why she wasn’t eating the packed lunches.”

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When the dad inquired with his wife about why she wasn’t eating the food he prepared, she gave a surprising answer.

“She said that she and her coworker had found a really nice eatery near her work, so she’d been eating there,” he explained. “So I stopped making lunches because it was a waste of food if she wasn’t eating it. Today, she tells me that I’m being childish by not packing her anything and that I should pack her lunches regardless of what she does with the food.”

Redditors thought the wife didn’t appreciate her husband.

“She’s a grown woman and should be making her own lunch. It seems like she’s ungrateful for the effort you put into making her lunch,” a user said.

“It is immature of her to want you to pack her a lunch she is not going to eat,” another wrote.

“It’s totally absurd for her to demand you pack a lunch, just for her to not eat it,” someone commented.

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