Stella McCartney deletes controversial Instagram about Meghan Markle

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  • Stella McCartney deletes an Instagram post featuring Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (AKA Meghan Markle) on Remembrance Day following backlash
  • The designer shared a picture of Meghan wearing her design on Instagram, but fans were quick to call the post "inappropriate" in the comments

Stella McCartney is the designer behind some of Meghan Markle's most memorable outfits. Take, for example, Meghan's wedding reception dress: a tasteful halter-neck with a flowing train that sent the internet into overdrive.

But Stella's most recent design worn by the Duchess has made headlines, not for the outfit itself, but for an Instagram post that the designer shared about the look.

If you cast your mind back to the weekend, the Royal Family attended a handful of Remembrance Day events. On Sunday, Meghan paid her respects at The Cenotaph alongside Prince Harry, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Kate Middleton), Prince William and, of course, Queen Elizabeth, amongst others.

Following the event, Stella took to social to share a (now deleted) picture of Meghan's outfit: an all-black overcoat teamed with a matching dress and wide-brimmed hat.

Stella accompanied the photo with the caption: "So honoured to have HRH Duchess of Sussex in our Autumn '19 coat at Remembrance Day service. x Stella":

Photo credit: @stellamccartney - Instagram

It wasn't long, however, before the designer was called out in the comments section, accused of promoting her brand on such a sombre occasion:

"Using remembrance day to advertise your clothes is a little disrespectful!! People died and you take pictures of people showing respect for advertising purposes. Just wrong," one user wrote, according to Manchester Evening News.

"Really surprised, shocked, saddened and disappointed" added another, The Independent reports.

While Stella has since deleted the post in question, the designer is yet to comment on the matter.

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