Stephen Curry celebrates return from injury by reenacting a 'Billy Madison' scene

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry reacts after scoring against the Memphis Grizzlies during his first game in three weeks (AP Photo)

As much as basketball fans missed getting to watch Stephen Curry over the past few weeks, it sure seems Curry missed getting to wow everyone even more.

Before going off for 38 points (10-for-13 on 3-pointers) against the Grizzlies on Saturday, Curry took to Instagram to post his own rendition of the “back to school” song Adam Sandler sings in “Billy Madison.”

Like everything else Curry does, it was just about perfect.

To be perfectly honest, we should’ve known Curry was about to have a monster game the moment after he posted this. If he’s feeling good enough to showcase himself singing before his first game following an ankle injury, then the Memphis Grizzlies never really had a chance to contain him.

Had Curry quietly made his way to the stadium, went about his routine and didn’t make much of a commotion, that would’ve been a little more worrisome. But to see him in this good of a mood is as enjoyable as it is scary. That’s a man who knew he was about to make all the highlight reels.

Basketball is better with Steph Curry on the court, and if he’s playing around like this off it, you know something special is coming up.

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