Steph Curry drained 94 out of 100 threes at practice, says Warriors coach

It’s not a surprise, but Steph Curry is a major threat from three-point range. (Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors fans don’t have to worry about Steph Curry being rusty when he returns to the lineup. The two-time MVP looked crisp during three-point drills in practice, according to player development coach Bruce Fraser.

Actually, “crisp” might be an understatement. Curry reportedly drained an incredible 94 out of 100 three-point attempts. That’s what Fraser told the San Francisco Chronicle, at least.

“If you’re just asking if his ankle and his body are flowing well when he’s shooting, the answer’s yes,” Fraser said. “He made 94 out of 100 (three-point tries). You’ve got to be feeling better, right? You can’t do that on one leg.”

Still struggling to pick your jaw up off the floor? Well, don’t yet. Because Fraser wasn’t even impressed by that. Apparently, Curry has shot better in the past.

“I would say for him, that’s a really good number. I’m not saying that’s his best. Ninety-six is his best ever. But 94 basically shows you that he’s in a good rhythm. He’s shooting well.

File those last two sentences as understatements as well.

The 29-year-old Curry has been sidelined since Dec. 4 with an ankle sprain. He’s expected to return to action Saturday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

A hot tip for everyone on the Grizzlies: Make sure you have a man on Curry when he squares up from beyond the three-point line. All evidence tells us he’s a pretty good shot from there.

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