Stephen Colbert slams 'People' magazine for naming Blake Shelton 'Sexiest Man Alive'

During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host took a rather long moment to eviscerate "People" magazine's newest "Sexiest Man Alive," Blake Shelton.

Colbert's first reaction to the news was "What? What? What! Really? Do I have that right? Did I miss something? Is Matthew McConaughey dead?"

Colbert continued to take shots at The Voice judge saying, "No offense to Blake, he's a solid seven, nothing to be ashamed of there. But sexiest man alive? More like the 'Sexiest Man at the Home Depot,' and that's if it's not a Saturday."

Colbert refused to acknowledge the magazine's decision saying, "[Shelton] may have won the sexiness electoral college, but not the sexy popular vote."

In fact, Colbert was so harsh, he was worried showrunners would want to cut the rant before air. Colbert warned the producers off camera that he'd "walk" if they cut the rant.

Colbert ended his rant by bragging about his own recognition as "GQ" magazine's "Bad Hombre of the Year."