Stephen Soo: The Coach Behind 'The 3C Method' That Helped Businesses Increase $24M In Profit

Stephen Soo is the Founder and CEO of Stephen Soo Coaching, a Business Profit, High Performance and Burnout Coach, Author and Speaker. His business helps business owners and senior corporate professionals worldwide to reach their goals and targets, with his unique approach that focuses on harnessing each individuals’ strengths through a tailored private coaching program.

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Stephen has been in corporate for over 15 years, and during this period immersed himself in various high-profile roles that has provided him deep knowledge and insight of end-to-end processes in operations and finance, while managing business risks. His unique skill set has brought tremendous value to companies and increased their profit by $24M.

Stephen shares his 3C model that helped businesses increase $24M profit.

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Clarity is knowing where the business is going and how the business is going to get there. I have seen many businesses that struggle with driving the business back on track when faced with challenges and one of the reasons for the struggle is poor cash management.


We all know cash is a lifeblood of business and the cash generated needs to be well managed between paying running expenses and investing for business growth. Many businesses do not have a clear understanding of their cash position and rely on their outsourced accountant. Business owners need to know their numbers.


Common themes of business struggles are poor communication, with their staff members causing poor working relationships, higher stress and drop in performance and with their clients causing confusion, losing sales and connections.

Now Stephen dedicates his time and focus helping small businesses to increase profit and grow and more importantly to sustain the growth through the delivery of people solutions, mitigating business risks and optimising commercial operations.
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