Steve Harvey Scolded by Grammy-Winning Gospel Singer for Cussing

Steve Harvey was scolded by pastor Shirley Caesar for his cussing on Little Big Shots. Caesar is a legendary gospel singer and Grammy-winning artist. But you might know her from the YouTube remix of her song, “You Name It.” People started to remix the song and create videos of the song using #UNameItChallenge. And when Caesar saw these viral videos of her sermons, she was downright scandalized. “I saw them just shaking their butts and stuff,” she said, and then quickly apologized for using the word “butt” and made the sign of the cross. Harvey laughed saying, “You said ‘butt’ and had to do that? You know how many times I’d have to do that in a day?”

When Caesar learned that Harvey is a frequent cusser, she said to him, “Since God has blessed you, Steve — and I ain’t playing now — you don’t have to use those ugly words anymore.” Harvey explained to her that he’d tried to quit cussing, but then “there was another check that had come in.”

Though these two couldn’t agree on the merits of cussing, they could definitely agree on the power of gospel music as Caesar went on to belt out her song “You Name It,” and Harvey enthusiastically watched.

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