Steve Harvey’s Best Reactions of the Week From ‘Family Feud’

On This Week in Game Shows, we broke down Steve Harvey’s best reactions of the week on Family Feud. It’s nothing new for Harvey to react when a contestant has a stupid answer. In fact, we here at TWIGS refer to his most common reaction, the deadpan stare at the camera, as the “Steve Harvey Face.” But sometimes Harvey goes beyond the deadpan.

Steve Harvey reacts to a bad answer on Family Feud. (Photo: Family Feud)

In one instance this week, Harvey took the deadpan to a whole new level. He was so surprised by a woman’s terrible answer he couldn’t even look into the camera. He just froze right where he was.

Another contestant thought for sure he had the right answer. He was absolutely sure of it, and Harvey believed in him. It would have been his first correct answer on the show. Harvey even put his arm around the young man … until he heard the answer.

Harvey thought one contestant had confused “fear” with “fetish.” Understandable considering the direction the show sometimes goes. But no, the woman thought there are some people who are genuinely afraid of feet. So Harvey put that hypothesis to the test.

And finally, Harvey got so flustered by a beautiful contestant he found it hard to speak in complete sentences.

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