Stewie reveals a huge secret on ‘Family Guy’

On Family Guy, Stewie revealed one of his deepest, darkest secrets to his school counselor. Something he’d never told anyone. Which. Of course, meant the counselor had to go. Some fans thought this would finally be the big reveal about Stewie being gay, but that wasn’t the case.

“I only pushed Tyler down the stairs because I like him and I’m afraid he won't like me back. And not like him-like him. I'm not gay. This whole thing isn't because I'm gay, so calm down. I can already see you lickin' your chops. I'm sure you live for the coming out sessions,” Stewie said to the counselor.

What Stewie revealed was his real voice. It turns out he doesn’t actually have the accent we’ve all grown accustomed to. In fact, he sounds a little like Peter.

When revealing his real voice, Stewie said, “This is how I talk. The accent is nothing more than an affectation, a coat of armor to get me through the day, just an image I cultivated so I could feel special.”

But for those of you who enjoy someone faking a British accent, don’t fret. When the counselor told him he’d be just like everybody else, Stewie went right back to the accent. One thing Stewie will always have in common with a lot of people Quahog is that he is just one of the many voices done by Seth MacFarlane, which the show poked fun at when the counselor couldn't tell the difference between Stewie's real voice and his fake accent. To make sure his secret wouldn't get out, Stewie let the counselor die rather than get him his medication when he had heart trouble.