'Do I still have a belly? Yes': Tia Mowry gets candid about her post-baby body

Tia Mowry feels zero pressure to get back to her pre-baby body.

The 39-year-old actor and author recently gave birth to her second child on May 5, but says she refuses to feel pressure to bounce back to her pre-baby weight.

Tia Mowry shared this photo to Instagram with an important message for all mothers. Image via Instagram.

In a recent Instagram post, Mowry posted a photo of herself looking happy and stylish with the caption, “This is MY #postpartum. Do I still have a belly? Yes. I actually look like I’m 4 months pregnant and that is OK.”

Mowry, who also has a six-year-old son with husband Cory Hardrict, went on to share, “I wanted to shine a light on how our society creates false expectations after a woman gives birth. Ladies, it’s OK that our bodies are not PERFECT after our babies are born. Give yourself time. Go at your own pace. Don’t allow people to put a time limit on YOUR body.”

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The reminder for women to not panic about losing the baby weight is especially topical given the praise put upon new mothers who are seemingly able to deliver a baby and slip right back into their skinny jeans. Comparing how each woman “bounces back” can cause added pressure and stress on a new mother, who’s already trying to adjust to a major life change.

Mowry calls for women to give themselves a break when it comes to their post-baby figure.

“You’ve just accomplished a miracle! #Love yourself, love your new body, embrace it. It you want to make changes than that’s your desire and no one else’s,” the star continued. “PS, #moms freaking rock!”

Mowry has been candid about her pregnancy and motherhood, sharing a makeup-free photo of herself with the caption, “No #katemiddleton here. #teamnosleep”

Tia Mowry shared this photo to Instagram with the caption, “No #katemiddleton here. #teamnosleep #mom” Image via Instagram.

Last month, the Duchess of Cambridge made headlines for appearing in full makeup and heels just hours after the birth of her third child, Prince Louis.

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While Middleton had the help of an entire glam squad to get her ready for her five minute photo call, famous moms like Mowry and model Chrissy Teigen are opting to share a less glamorous side of motherhood to dispel the notion that life, and motherhood, has to be picture perfect at all times.

Chrissy Teigen. Image via Instagram.

The sense of community these famous moms are helping to build can powerfully impact the way women feel towards their bodies. The pressure to be the perfect mother, perfect partner and to have an Instagram-worthy life at all times pulls the focus away from what really matters, which is connecting with your new and growing family.

Cheers to you, Tia! May you be blessed with at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep in the near future!

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