Stolen Camaro Recovered 31 Years Later

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See, there’s still hope…

A lot of people who have their car stolen seem to give up hope of ever seeing it again after a certain amount of time passes. Months of even years go by and gone with the car seemingly are any chances of it one day returning. Sure, you might get an insurance payout, but the memories of that beloved ride aren’t replaced.

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That’s probably what happened to Gerald Scott, the owner of a 1984 Chevy Camaro Z28 that was stolen back in the early 1990s from his dealership in Paris, Tennessee. As told by The Paris Post-Intelligencer, Scott had acquired the American muscle car for his new but growing car dealership he started after retiring from life as a church pastor.

Even though it was destined to be sold one day, the man considered the Z28 to be a prized possession, as he did all his cars. So when that Camaro was swiped, the man seemed to take it personally. However, it was recently discovered on the bottom of a lake near Paris.

Nobody knows for sure just how much time the Camaro spent underwater, but from the looks of it the muscle car was submerged for at least a good portion of the last 30-plus years, if not the entire time.

Just keep in mind if your insurance does pay you for a stolen vehicle, the insurance company usually takes title. So even if the car is found again one day, you’re no longer the rightful owner, although that all depends on local laws and such. Maybe in that situation you can buy it off the insurance company for a reasonable price, so long as it’s not in the same kind of condition as this Camaro.

In this case, the insurance company that covered the theft is no longer in existence. But Scott, for some weird reason, doesn’t want the festering hunk of metal back. Somehow it’s just not the same having a car that slept with the fishies all that time.

Image via The Paris Post-Intelligencer

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