Stormy Daniels destroys critic with three word response after being attacked for sex with married Trump

Porn actor Stormy Daniels hit back at critics on Twitter amid the ongoing investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office into the hush money payment she received from former President Donald Trump’s then-fixer Michael Cohen in 2016.

Ms Daniels alleges that she had an affair with Mr Trump in 2006. She was paid off to keep quiet about the supposed extramarital activity.

Mr Trump insulted Ms Daniels during his Saturday rally in Waco, Texas, rejecting all allegations of an affair.

“Sex with Stormy Daniels is traumatic enough. Hasn’t President Trump been punished enough?” one Twitter user said.

“I think he needs another spanking,” Ms Daniels responded.

“You realize this is now evidence right?” one Twitter user asked.

“Evidence of what? That he’s been spanked? That’s common knowledge,” the adult actor shot back.

“Really? You claimed bankruptcy to avoid PAYING YOUR COURT ORDERED JUDGEMENT, yet you have a ranch? Guess you lied about being bankrupt,” one Twitter user claimed. “If anyone should be in jail, it’s you.”

Ms Daniels said it was her “new favorite rumor. I guess I’m now ‘bankrupt’? Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will buy that margarita machine for me off my Amazon list so I can enjoy a frozen beverage as I float in my pool and giggle at your tweets”.

“Why did you sleep with him even though you knew he had a wife?” one Twitter user asked Ms Daniels.

“Why did he invite me to his room, take off his clothes and corner me when I came out of the bathroom even though he knew he had a wife?” she replied.

“You could have turned him down but you didn’t [and] you knew he had a wife,” another account holder said.

To which Ms Daniels simply replied, “so did he”.

In one tweet she noted that Mr Trump was on his “third” wife and that he was “cheating with me and many others”.

“So you knew he is married yet you proceeded. So you are a cheater,” one Twitter user told Ms Daniels.

“Yep. The sorcery of my magic voodoo vag was too much for that poor little man and it forced him to forget all about his vows, take his clothes off and corner me. It’s ALLLL my fault,” she said mockingly.