What this stranger did for these two kids in Walmart will warm your heart

Mathew Aguilar
Mathew Aguilar

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, we stated that Heather Harris was the stepmother of the two children. She is in fact the girlfriend of the children’s father. We regret this error.

Heather Harris was having a difficult month.

In a now viral Facebook post (that has since been deleted), she shared that in the last month, she’s endured medical issues, hospital visits, monetary problems and even a break-in in the last month.

But her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month had at least one positive to it.

Strapped for cash, Heather and her boyfriend’s two children visited their local Walmart in Meadville, Penn. to pick up new booster seats and clothes. However, she quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to afford both.

She pulled the kids aside by the girls’ clothing section and told them, “I can either get the booster seats this week or some new clothes but I can’t afford both and I’m sorry. But I promise next weekend I will get whatever else you need and want.”

The kids had to return the booster seats they had already picked out, but 15 minutes later as the group were looking at clothes, a man approached Harris with both booster seats in a Walmart bag — already paid for.

Aguilar surprised Harris and her stepkids by purchasing the booster seats the kids initially picked out.
Aguilar surprised Harris and her stepkids by purchasing the booster seats the kids initially picked out.

“He told me that he heard the sadness in my voice when I told the kids I couldn’t afford both this week. And then he told me God bless and gave me a hug.” wrote Harris. “I was so shocked at the time that I didn’t get his name right away and a picture of him.”

Once she recovered from the surprise, she scoured Walmart to find the good Samaritan, get his name (Mathew Aguilar) as well as a picture and another hug.

“When you think there is nothing left to feel good about, this happens. Just remember there are good people in this world so never lose your faith.”

UPDATE: Mathew Aguilar is getting laid off next week from his job as a youth pastor and has two one-year-old toddlers of his own. Despite this, he told Yahoo Canada that he was happy to help out the family.

He also noted that he was shocked at some of the replies Harris received in the comments of the Facebook post attacking her for being a bad mum and choosing clothes over booster seats.

“They already had working booster seats, they just wanted new ones,” he said. “The kids were amazing, they were told to put the booster seats away and they weren’t angry or upset about it. They were happy to just get their clothes. I wanted to do it for them too just because of their reaction.”

Aguilar agreed that his current situation and personal life also helped him identify with Harris and her family.

“I’ve been there,” he said. “My wife and I, we’ve been blessed by a lot of people in our lives so I try to help out whenever I see the opportunity.”

UPDATE: Harris has set up a Go Fund Me page for Mathew and his family. Anyone interested in contributing can visit it here.

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