‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Fans Have a Wild Theory About Vecna and Eleven’s Dad

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 *finally* landed on Friday and it’s safe to say fans and the show’s cast alike were (very obviously) thrilled.

The series’ closing two episodes brought more tense drama as well as plenty of plot theories and questions for viewers looking ahead to season 5. One query fans have been particularly leaning into: Who is Eleven’s real dad?

Well, wonder no more, as some super-sleuth viewers reckon they’ve got an answer, sharing a wild theory that links Eleven’s father to none other than villain Vecna himself. Strap yourselves in for this one….

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

The new theory comes courtesy of the Just the Nobodys podcast, with the hosts sharing their insight in a TikTok video.

The hosts begin by explaining that Eleven’s mum, Terry Ives, joined the MKUltra experiments at Hawkins Lab in 1969. Eleven was then born in 1971, which suggests that her mother became pregnant during the experiments, around 1970. Then the theory takes us back to 1959, when One (aka Vecna) was shown to be 12 years old—making him around 24 in 1971 when Eleven was born. Still with us?

Next up, the viewers go on to theorize that One/Vecna is actually Eleven’s dad. Yep, told you it was wild. The theory claims that Brenner wanted to create a child with stronger powers, so he waited until One was old enough to become a father.

The hosts explain, “The theory is that Brenner knew that none of the kids, numbers Two through Ten, were as strong as number One. So Dr. Brenner waited for One to get older to make him breed with Terry Ives to create Eleven—to make sure that she was the strongest, and clearly, she is.”

Have a watch of the full theory here:

Hey, the dates do match up, after all. Here’s hoping the truth will be revealed in season 5….

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