Strathmore locals publish third children’s picture book

Strathmore locals Rew and Sarah Jones have published their third children’s picture book, which was made available to the public, Nov. 1.

Titled, A Day When Nothing Happened, Rew Jones said the story is about a little boy whose mother tells him the family is going on a nature hike, and he replies, saying nothing ever happens on a nature hike.

“This one came from Sarah’s imagination first and foremost, and was just really inspired by getting out for family walks and enjoying our surroundings. We love to go out on family hikes and stuff, and so it is a good chance to share some of the benefits and joy that can come out of that,” said Jones. “(The boy) is dragging his heels a little bit, but then he gets out there and he discovers the wonder of being out in our natural world and the chance to bond with the family and all of those things.”

Jones added he and his wife have six children together, and are often inspired by wanting to share positive experiences with and for other families – in this instance, creating reading material for occasions such as bedtime stories.

A Day When Nothing Happened, he explained, was largely written a couple of years ago as a first draft, and has been a priority for the duo to publish when an opportunity arose.

“The last couple of years, I have been quite busy doing work in the locations department in the film industry, but as the whole film industry went on strike for a few months … it gave us a chance to focus down on our books again for a bit and get this one out there,” he said. “We use our production company also as a small publishing company, but essentially, we are self-publishing. That is what we have done with our last two books, and we have sold over 2,000 copies. We are excited to see that hopefully continue to grow.”

Jones explained much of, particularly his wife’s inspiration to begin writing and publishing stories, began when her school as a youth was visited by Martin Godfrey, who at the time had stated to the school, anyone can be an author.

“I think some of those lessons that we learn back when we are kids and just the way our imaginations develop helps shape things for years to come, so if we can help put stories of hope and kindness and joy in kids at a young age, I think that’s critical,” he said.

A Day When Nothing Happened has been made available online through Amazon, as well as locally in person at Lil Hoots.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times