'New stuff all the time': Christmas Book Sale on now at Huntsville Public Library

Friends of the Huntsville Library seeks to give used books a second chance while promoting reading and raising funds.

The non-profit group and the Huntsville Public Library are working together in the Christmas Book Sale, which started on Monday, Nov. 13.

“What we save for the sale are nice donations. We have a lot of books and keep getting new stuff all the time, so we aim to get books out there at a reasonable price,” said Friends of the Huntsville Library's Irena Van Hoof.

“The goal is to raise money to help the library with whatever they need.”

Apart from the Christmas sale, the group also organizes another sale during the summer. Van Hoof said both events are “really important” as they bring in thousands of dollars. She said the last summer sale raised around $4,000.

Although the books are for sale, people can also choose a good read in the Friends' free book box found in the library. It is crucial to get the books circulating, no matter who wants them, Van Hoof said.

“One day, somebody from another town needed books for their free library, so they took them from us and we're happy somebody else was getting to use them,” she said.

These sales also promote reading at a low cost in a town that does not have a specific store for used books.

“The more people read, the better educated they are. Surprisingly, so many people like to have a book in their hands, and we aim to get those books out there, get people enjoying them and be educated,” said Van Hoof.

She added although there is no specific date, the sale is expected to go until mid-January.

The curious can visit the Huntsville Public Library and check out the books the Christmas sale has to offer. People will find a wide variety of genres and puzzles.

For more information, visit the Huntsville Public Library website.

Julian Orlando Chaves is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter with the Huntsville Forester. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada

Julian Orlando Chaves, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Huntsville Forester