These stunning parents of a 20-year-old have everyone asking for their secrets

Zolee Griggs is probably used to people loving her photos. The 20-year-old fashion blogger, actress, model, and college student posts a lot of them online for the pleasure of her almost 60,000 Twitter followers and 162,000 Instagram followers. What she may not have expected was the Twitterverse going bananas over her parents.

“I’m so jealous of my parents living their best life in Hawaii rn,” she tweeted on Friday night, along with photos of her mother, Sumiye Plaszewski, looking absolutely gorgeous in some quintessential Hawaii vacation shots — in a bikini on a black sand beach, drinking out of a coconut — and a surprising pose being held aloft in one arm by husband Sebastian Plaszewski.

“They work very hard, so it’s long overdue!” Griggs tells Yahoo Lifestyle via email of her 48-year-old mother and stepfather.

People think this couple look way too young and fit to be the parents of a 20-year-old. Twitter demands to know their secrets.

“What’s your moms core routine? Asking for me,” @sk1nnyy_ wanted to know.

“Wow did your mom have you at 2? She looks really young and vibrant,” @NikkiBklyn515 observed.

“First of all your mom needs to drop her skincare routine and second your parents are adorable,” said @isis_yum.

Griggs’ stepdad, a photographer, got plenty of love too: “I don’t know who’s the real G. Your mom who can be carried with one [hand] or your dad who can carry an adult with one hand and still look chilled,” @boldbolaya wrote.

“How is your old man lifting up your moms with just one hand/arm, his left one at that & still smiling. what is dudes workout routine,” @LexTheHand wondered.

Sumiye does happen to be an esthetician, so maybe we’ll get to hear her skin care routine soon. Through Griggs, the couple would reveal only this to Yahoo about how they stay fit: “We make healthy food choices, work out consistently in the gym, and go on hikes!”

Griggs tells Yahoo she’s just as impressed by her parents as her followers. “I posted the photos because I think I was shocked just as much as everyone else that my parents look so young, vibrant, and overall are just having a good time, so why not spread the joy!”

Griggs’ parents have been pretty amused by the reactions to her tweet, which has 128 comments, 6,400 retweets, and 42,000 likes as of this posting.

“Going viral is pretty funny,” Sumiye told her daughter. “I love the comments of the young people. Very appreciative of the comments. It’s motivation to stay fit!”

Griggs herself has been in the spotlight since she was a toddler, starting as a model at 2 and moving  to acting at 4. She had a recurring role on the Disney series Cory in the House from 2007-2008.

Though her parents aren’t regular features on Griggs’ various sites, she referred to them in a video she made years ago discussing people’s mistaken assumption that she is mixed-race.

“Biologically, my mom is black and my dad is black,” she said in 2015 on her popular YouTube channel. “A lot of you have seen from my social media my stepdad, who is white. So it’s easy to think that those are both my parents. Now, what I get a lot is, ‘Oh, my god, Zolee, you’re so beautiful. You must be mixed.” Why do I have to be mixed to be beautiful? Hmmm.”

Now, she’s amused by all the attention her mom and stepdad are getting. “I also think its hilarious to see people talking about my parents and seeing them as goals,” she tells Yahoo. “But I couldn’t agree more. They have a great relationship!”

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