For Style Chameleon Hailee Steinfeld, Fashion Is a ‘Game’

Hailee Steinfeld (Photo: Getty Images)

Hailee Steinfeld wears her stardom well.

She’s gone from an Academy Award-nominated actress who broke through in 2010’s True Grit, to a Met Ball red carpet stunner in all-black Vera Wang, to showing off her midriff in a strappy bustier at last weekend’s Wango Tango.

The actress, 20, has been focusing on her music of late, and her style has shifted into edgier territory.

“It’s very different,” the star tells Yahoo Style about dressing for a live show. “I have found that it’s a constant game of experimenting, and that’s one of my favorite parts. I feel like I’ve been able to do that on the red carpets, and now with being able to play with the stage aspect of it all, you can kind of go that extra mile and think about things that you couldn’t necessarily get away with on a red carpet, which I feel like is the best part.”

Hailee Steinfeld in edgy Vera Wang at the Met Ball. (Photo: Getty Images)

Steinfeld even teased a bit of side-cleavage and showed major leg in her Balmain gown at Tuesday’s 2017 Billboard Music Awards & ELLE’s Women in Music event at YouTube Space LA. But her fashion is shifting and evolving.

“It’s very influenced by the music, and that is what I’m working on right now and trying to figure out exactly where that is and where I live,” she explains. “Right now I am working with my single “Most Girls,” which really, truly represents you feeling like you could be anything and anyone when you wake up in the morning. So with that song, I’ve been having the best time because I’ve performed in sweatpants, I’ve performed in minidresses and tear-aways. And that song to me represents that exactly — being who you want to be and having the freedom to express yourself.”

One thing she’s also keen on experimenting with is her hair. “I’ve never colored my hair, so that could be something to play around with,” the “Love Myself” singer reveals. “I won’t say no, but I’m not going to say yes,” she jokes, however, of when she’ll break that streak. “It’ll happen, but I don’t know about soon.”

Hailee Steinfeld in Balmain. (Photo: Getty Images)

For now Steinfeld will stick to wigs. “I’m obsessed with [them], and I love to have fun with those!” she quips.

And bad news for those of us looking to acquire her luscious locks; Steinfeld’s perfect hair appears to be hereditary. “I do a trim every now and then, but I really don’t do anything crazy,” she says of her hair maintenance routine. “I love a good hair mask every now and then, but that’s it really.”

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