Tyson Fury banned from entering US, brother Tommy confirms

Tyson Fury is banned from entering the US, his half-brother Tommy has confirmed.

Tommy Fury, 23, was prevented from travelling to the US in August for his scheduled boxing match with YouTube star Jake Paul. Speaking on The MMA Hour on Monday (31 October), the younger Fury said he is still banned from entering the country, and added that WBC heavyweight champion Tyson is also unable to travel to the US.

“I don’t know [what’s happening], that’s what I pay my lawyers for and my legal team every day,” Tommy Fury said.

“They’re sorting it, and I said please get this resolved as soon as possible, and that’s where I’ve left it at the moment.

“I’m hoping it gets resolved asap, because I want to come to America – not just for boxing and of course for the big one to get this fight [with Paul] over the line, but if it doesn’t get resolved for a long time... I can’t speak on that on how long this is going to take…

“But let’s say it’s a long time, let’s get [the Paul fight] on over here. I’ll fight that man wherever, I’m not bothered. I am ready to go.’”

The MMA Hour’s presenter Ariel Helwani suggested to Tommy Fury that the travel issues were related to Tyson Fury’s connection to alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan, but the younger Fury insisted: “I don’t know.”

In April, Kinahan – who has advised Tyson Fury in the past – was named as being a head of the Irish Kinahan crime gang and hit with worldwide financial sanctions by the United States government, who offered a $5million (£3.84m) reward for information on the group leading to the arrest and conviction of its leaders.