Subway Has a New Footlong Menu Item

They're just $3 each.



While we love the classic Subway menu offerings, we also enjoy when the sandwich brand brings something new for us to try (hello, New Baja Chipotle Kettle Chips!). We’re already big fans of Subway's Sidekicks menu, featuring footlong salted pretzels and churros for just $2, and now there's another addition to these affordable offerings that only costs a dollar more.

Subway’s New Footlong Dippers

News has been going around that Subway will add footlong Dippers to its popular Sidekicks menu and they're finally available in stores.

Starting June 18, Subway fans can try the three new Dippers, which cost just $3 each: Pepperoni & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, and Double Cheese. All varieties are made with a lavash-style flatbread that is rolled and baked in the oven so they are super soft and warm.

“Subway’s all-new Dippers embody the changes Subway has made over the past few years by elevating our food and guest experience to better meet the needs of today’s diner, balancing their love for the iconic footlong alongside our commitment to convenience, crave, and value,” said Doug Fry, President of Subway North America in a press release. “Our guests devoured nearly 30 million Sidekicks since their debut in January and they will find all 33 flavor combinations of Dippers for $3 to be equally irresistible.”

No matter which one you choose (or maybe you try all three, no judgment here!), you can enjoy the Dippers with one of Subway’s signature sauces—hence the name.

With 11 different sauces to choose from, including the Habanero Hot Sauce, Smoky BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Garlic Aioli, there are plenty of options for ample dipping.

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