Suffer Your Final Humiliation In A Ford Mach-E Hearse

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Who would want to be caught dead in this thing?

Someone has decided to transform the Ford Mach-E, an electric crossover with a Mustang badge, into a hearse. Really, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, only we would’ve thought someone in the US or maybe Canada would be first to market with this abomination. Instead, this thing was designed by a coachbuilder in the UK called Coleman Milne.

Or you can take your final ride in a much cooler hearse here.

That’s right, all the old jokes about your favorite football team being your pallbearers so they can let you down one last time can now be applied to your family using this electric Mustang crossover to transport your corpse to its final resting place. Talk about suffering one final, humongous humiliation.

Sure, your ride to the cemetery would be nice and quiet so everyone can hear the insults being yelled by your enthusiast friends as your dead body wheels by. After all, what self-respecting gearhead would want to be caught dead in a Ford Mach-E?

The sad thing is someone’s loved ones are going to think this is a great idea, especially if they know the deceased really liked Mustangs. Too bad what they don’t know is if the person who moved on was a real car guy, his dead body will be spinning around in the coffin like it’s a record player.

We also imagine this final electric pony ride will set your heirs back considerably. There are many other things that money should be spent on, like buying a proper muscle car with a V8 so your heirs can know what true joy is. We’d rather go with the Cadillac or Lincoln or whatever funeral homes are using these days. Unless, of course, the Dodge Hellcat Redeye hearse is available – that would be a sweet way to go out.

Images via Coleman Milne

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