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Wildest Waves: ‘The Brady Bunch’

“Hawaii Bound,” “Pass the Tabu,” “The Tiki Caves” (1972)

The ’70s sitcom featured episodes filmed on location at the Grand Canyon and Kings Island theme park, but the three-parter set in Hawaii was the ultimate Brady vacation. Mike Brady’s employer footed the bill for the all-inclusive trip (for a family of eight plus their housekeeper???), but things went downhill from there when Alice threw out her back during a hula lesson and Peter was stalked by a poisonous spider. Even more terrifying, Greg almost lost his life in a surfing accident, but on the plus side we got Vincent Price, a Don Ho serenade, and a groovy tiki idol souvenir.

(Photo: Everett Collection)

Summer Vacation Standouts: 15 of Our Favorite TV Vacay Episodes

Victoria Leigh Miller

Summertime and the livin’ is easy — especially if you have a DVR, a remote, and some sun-free spare time. If a staycation is on your to-do list this summer, why not live vicariously through your favorite TV characters’ vacation plans with a look back at some of our favorite small-screen getaways? We’ve also listed why each episode is a summer vacation standout. Who needs a travel agent when you have us?

From the Brady family’s ill-fated Hawaii trip to Modern Family‘s dude ranch escapades, scroll through for a roundup of some of the most memorable TV show vacations of all time.