Super Bowl: 'Still got it!' Twitter goes wild for Shakira and JLo's combined ages

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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira just completely owned their Super Bowl Halftime Show and while fans were left shook by their glittering outfits and crowd-winning performance, the talk of Twitter was disbelief that the duo had a combined age of 93.

Yep, we’re now totally convinced that both Shakira, who is 43, and Jennifer Lopez, who is 50, are ageing backwards.

Hitting the stage to perform their chart-topping hits years after they were first released, the duo offered proof that age is merely a number.

“Let's show the world what two little Latin girls can do,” Jennifer Lopez told Shakira, just before the pair headed on stage.

And show the world they did.

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Are JLo and Shakira ageing in reverse? [Photo: Getty]
Are JLo and Shakira ageing in reverse? [Photo: Getty]

The energetic and electrifying set saw the Latin singers race through 20 songs in just 12 minutes.

From belting out their hits to booty shaking, belly dancing to knee sliding, and pole dancing to crowd-surfing, the pair offered a stark reminder that 40 and 50-somethings can cut it just as much if not more than their millennial sisters.

After watching them shut down the Super Bowl, many were left scratching their heads about the duo’s secrets to having half the flawless skin, rock-hard abs and boundless energy JLo and Shakira seem to have.

And the dizzying set didn’t go unnoticed with fans heading online to praise the pair for their age-defying performance, while ‘JLo is 50’ filled up social media feeds everywhere.

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Commenting on the age-positivity the duo received Jacynth Bassett, ageism activist and founder of age-inclusive fashion boutique and campaign #ageismisneverinstyle said: “Last night ‘J Lo is 50’ was trending on twitter, after blowing viewers away in her joint Half-Time Show with Shakira (aged 43) at the Super Bowl.

“From stealing the show at Versace’s SS20 show, to her widely-praised performance in Hustlers, and now this, J Lo is continuously reaching new highs in her career and, in doing so, is defying ageist stereotypes and inspiring women of all ages to embrace who they are and know that ageing doesn’t have to be limiting.”

But Bassett is also keen to point out that though last night’s performance is another step forward in highlighting that life doesn’t stop as the birthday candles go up, there’s still a way to go.

“Now we just need to reach the stage where the likes of ‘J Lo is 50’ won’t be trending anymore - because being fabulous at 50 shouldn’t be ground-breaking, but simply a fact.”