Suzuki Swift gets a motorcycle-inspired wide body for Tokyo Auto Salon

Joel Stocksdale

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Tokyo Auto Salon is just around the corner, and companies such as Daihatsu and Mitsubishi have announced a slew of impressive custom cars. Suzuki has also announced its custom lineup, which is a bit humble this year at just three. They range from the wild Suzuki Swift Sport Katana to the mild Hustler Street Base.

The Swift is the most impressive of Suzuki's show cars. Its name, and supposedly its looks, are based on the Katana sports bike. We're not sure they have that much in common beyond the silver and red paint job, but that's all right because this Swift still looks excellent. It features aggressive fender flares and a reworked front fascia. Bigger, wider wheels fit underneath those flares, and it has side-exit exhaust to cap off the extreme design.

Next up is the Suzuki Jimny Sierra Marine Edition. Suzuki started with the wider Jimny Sierra model and fitted it with equipment for a day in and around the water. It has storage for fishing rods on either side and an interior covered in wetsuit material. The roof has been raised for extra interior space. The exterior also gets a garnish of visual upgrades such as custom wheels, chrome trim, paint scheme, auxiliary lights and tow rings.

The third and final custom vehicle is the Hustler Street Base. It's fairly basic with a matte gray paint scheme, a few decals, and an upgraded audio system inside with some flashy lighting. Apparently it's designed for hip young people who live in the city and might be interested in extreme sports and an active lifestyle.