SWAT team's chilling audio before bursting into Las Vegas shooter's room

Aris Folley, AOL.com

Audio has circulated online containing the chilling moment police closed in on the Las Vegas shooter and blew open the door to his hotel room after he opened fire on a crowd of thousands at the Route 91 festival Sunday night.

Stephen Paddock, 64, carried out what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history after fatally shooting at least 50 victims and wounding over 400 on the famous city's strip from a Mandalay Bay Hotel room across the street. 

See images from the deadly attack:

Here is some of the horrifying audio released from the moments leading up to the SWAT team's entry into Paddock's room. 

"We have sight on the suspect's door. I need everyone in the hallway to be aware of it and get back," a SWAT member can be heard telling the dispatcher.

"We need to pop this and see if we get any further response from this guy to see if he's in here or actually moved somewhere else."

The dispatcher is then heard relaying information to inform other officers nearby.

"All units on the 32nd floor, SWAT has explosive breach, everyone in the hallway needs to move back, all units move back," she said.

Moments later, as the SWAT team burst through Paddock's door, one of the officers could be heard saying: "Breach, breach, breach."

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Paddock was reportedly found dead in the hotel room when officers stormed in. Police believe he killed himself before officers reached the hotel room he had been staying in for several days. 

Paddock's body was found among an "arsenal" of weapons, including at least ten guns