Swifties are scrambling to learn about football now that the singer appears to be dating NFL star Travis Kelce

The internet can’t stop buzzing about Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday, where she was seen cheering on her rumored new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at Arrowhead Stadium. But while the Red singer still hasn’t confirmed whether she’s dating the NFL tight end, her fans seem to be scrambling to understand Kelce’s career.

In fact, countless Taylor Swift fans appear to be brushing up on their football knowledge — and, in some cases, learning about it for the first time — after tuning in on Sunday and finding themselves a bit lost.

Luckily, some Swiftie accounts are coming to the rescue by giving followers a much-needed crash course in football.

“FOOTBALL EXPLAINER FOR THOSE CONFUSED,” tweeted the Swiftie account, @holygroundsound. “you have 4 tries (downs) to go 10 yards, if you do you keep the ball and the cycle repeats, and if you don’t the other team gets it you can score touchdowns for 6 points or kick a field goal for 3.”

In a follow-up tweet, @holygroundsound also went a step further, clarifying what the numbers on the field mean and how they pertain to the game.

“each one of the giant numbered lines on the field is 10 yards apart if that helps lol,” they added.

@holygroundsound’s original post has been retweeted more than 5,000 times in less than 24 hours, with many Swifties openly thanking the account for its public service.

“Nobody has ever been able to explain football to me in a way that makes sense and you just did,” tweeted @miserablmagical. “Doing gods work Ty so much.”

“the most clear and well executed explanation of football ive ever gotten thank you queen,” added @hometomykats.

It’s hard to imagine the fans of any other singer becoming so instantly invested in the career path of their idol’s potential boyfriend. But then again, Swifties aren’t like any other fandom. Some have even created Taylor Swift-inspired fantasy football teams.

In one recent Reddit post, u/bipsdontlie shared that they’d drafted Jonathan Taylor and D’Andre Swift into their fantasy teams but were in need of a “brilliant” TS-themed name.

“The 1s? gold rush? Heartbreak Princes? Help me decide?” the Redditor asked.

In response, some offered up ideas like “Electric Touchdown” and “Let the Game(s) Begin.” But dozens of others shared their own Swiftie-inspired team names, proving just how common the trend really is.

“I’m using ‘shake it offense,'” wrote u/hereslookinatyoukld. “Another idea I had was ‘football team (Taylor’s Version).'”

“As a Swiftie Eagles fan, I wanted to use ‘he was sunshine, I was midnight green,” commented u/cvtphila225

Following Sunday’s game, the meme world has also been on fire with talk about the would-be couple.

Some fans are even trying to find hidden similarities between Swift and Kelce. One viral meme, posted by the Swiftie account @romanticiser, compares Kelce’s signature “arrow” move to a bow-and-arrow gesture Swift made on stage while performing her song, “The Archer.”

Even the NFL has joined in on the Taylor fever, updating its official TikTok bio to say, “Taylor was here,” next to the date of Sunday’s Chiefs game.

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