Sydney Sweeney Started the Doe Eye Trend and Now TikTok Can’t Get Enough of It

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The beauty side of TikTok is always up for a good debate on eyeliner styles. Currently, the discourse taking over our timelines is the debacle between "siren eyes" and "doe eyes," but here, we're focusing mainly on the doe eye trend.

#Doeeyes amassing over 343 million views on BeautyTok, relies on a natural foundation base where the eyes are emphasized and highlighted by a white-lined waterline and a short, upwards wing that stops before reaching the inner corners of the eyes. With this look, you'll need to create a more rounded eyeshadow base look that gives the illusion of bigger eyes which is what doe eyes are encompassed. To ace the style, skip on applying a winged upper lash liner as you'll take away from the eyes' openness.

The doe eye moment is one of Sydney Sweeney's signature go-to looks, so if you favor the damsel in distress feature, then doe eyes are for you. For more inspiration, we've included a few clips for you to view below. Tag Hypebae's Beauty Instagram if the TikTok trend works out for you for a chance to be featured.

@sydney_art Replying to @kitt..connorr Doe Eye tutorial!! #makeup #doeeyes #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Sydney Morgan
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