Can’t afford private school? Here’s how a proposed school voucher expansion may help

Florida lawmakers are pushing to offer vouchers to all school-aged children — regardless of economic background.

The proposal has drawn ire and praise, with critics slamming it as an unneeded rebate for wealthy Floridians who may already be sending their children to private school and supporters touting it as providing education choice to all families in the state.

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So far, the bill has sailed through the Legislature, with Gov. Ron DeSantis vowing that he would sign the vouchers expansion when it reaches his desk.

Here’s what to know about the possible voucher program expansion as it reaches the Senate:

The bill establishes education savings accounts that allow recipients to spend about $8,000 in voucher funds beyond private-school tuition, such as for tutoring and exam fees;

Expands eligibility for current scholarships to any K-12 student who is a Florida resident;

Eliminates income-eligibility requirements currently in place for a voucher;

Allows families of home-schooled students to apply for the funds;

Requires parents who home-school to sign an agreement to submit an annual “sworn compliance statement” that includes several educational requirements;

Creates an online portal where Florida parents can explore school-choice options.