• Boots with a cocaine pocket are actually for sale

    The Dolls Kill online retailer says its customers like to test boundaries. One offering on the site does the same, and it stirred up a sarcastic response.

  • Turns Out, Sex Doesn’t Actually Sell, Says Study

    New research shows that while sexy ads can indeed create media attention and online buzz, that doesn’t necessarily translate into customers buying the product.

  • Wonder Woman Fans Angry Over ‘ThinkThin’ Movie Promotion Deal

    To promote its upcoming Wonder Woman film, Warner Bros. has partnered with the protein-focused nutrition company ThinkThin, and it's causing quite a stir.

  • New Carl’s Jr. Ads Dump the Sexy Girls for Sexy Food

    Carl’s Jr. unveils a new ad strategy pushes that guy (Carl Jr.) out of the office and does away with all those hot girls eating burgers in their bikinis.

  • If you've noticed pimples on movie posters and billboards, here's why

    [All images: Instagram/un.photoshop]

  • A Woman Is Taking Over the Brawny Man’s Job

    The next time you buy some paper towel rolls, you might notice a big change in one brand's packaging. For Women's History Month, the iconic Brawny man is being replaced by a woman. The new packaging features a woman wearing the classic red and black flannel shirt. You'll be able to purchase the limited-edition eight-roll packages during the month of March in Walmart stores across the country. RELATED: 14 Inspirational Books for Women It's all part of the paper towel brand's #StrengthHas

  • Controversial Body-Shaming Brand at It Again With New Khloé Kardashian Ad

    Khloé Kardashian’s new ad campaign with Protein World is stirring up a fresh round of controversy, with the brand being accused of more body shaming despite its 2015 hubbub. Just when you thought everyone in the advertising world got the memo that people don’t like to be body-shamed, a new ad in the London Tube system is stirring up some unfortunate and familiar reactions. Protein World, a brand that had already raised the ire of Londoners with a 2015 ad that effectively attempted to body-shame women, is at it again, with an advertisement featuring Khloé Kardashian.

  • The New Face of Mr. Clean is African-American

    The Mr. Clean we’ve come to know over the past 59 years is in need of a break. And for good reason — he’s been keeping our houses clean for a long time. So, for the next year, America’s favorite muscled cleaner will be taking a vacation. In his place comes Mike Jackson. Jackson, from Atlanta, Ga., is like the OG Mr. Clean in a lot of ways. He’s bald and has the same muscular physique, bright white teeth, and a gold earring. He even has a predilection for cleanliness. “I’m actually kind of a neat freak,” Jackson told Yahoo Beauty over the phone Thursday. “I’m kind of OCD in my home. ...

  • Naomi Campbell Is Beautiful and Bare for New Givenchy Campaign

    Naomi Campbell is more than an icon. She’s a supermodel twice over, having maintained a powerful presence in the industry walking runway shows and bagging major magazine covers well beyond the career spans of her contemporaries. She expands outside of fashion, getting lyrical name-checks from the likes of Beyoncé, DNCE, and Joe Jonas of late. She even has quite the growing acting career, most recently appearing on Empire. And yet here she is, still working. ...

  • All Hail the New Body-Positive Lingerie Campaign

    Nowhere is the need for greater diversity more felt than in the lingerie industry. Luckily, Curvy Kate has again heeded that call.

  • 7 dumb ways tampons are marketed to women

    Women have made some major strides in 2016 – We saw Hillary Clinton become the first woman to accept a major party presidential nominee in the U.S. — and we’ve also seen more diversity than ever on the runways of NYFW, including a model who’s survived an acid attack. But when it comes to periods and feminine hygiene products, the topic is still often considered taboo.

  • London Makes A Move To Ban Body-Shaming Adverts From Public Transport

    “Are you beach body ready?” the tagline asked alongside a super skinny image of a model in a bikini. People were outraged by the Protein World ad, claiming it was demeaning and heaped on the body perfect pressure. To be beach body ready, you just need to head to the beach, right?

  • New feminine hygiene ad shows how tough ‘girl blood’ can be

    “When surveyed, 41.7 per cent of exercising women reported that their menstrual cycle had a negative impact on their training and exercise performance,” Bodyform said in a statement. ALSO SEE: Is this Australian period commercial offensive to women?

  • People Are Not Happy About This Calvin Klein Ad

    Calvin Klein’s latest ad features a picture looking up the skirt of 23-year-old Danish actress Klara Kristin with the slogan: I flash in #mycalvins.

  • This college acceptance letter tells the hard truth about sexual assaults on campus

    ( “The first six weeks of college is the period when freshmen have the highest likelihood of being raped," Margaret Johnson, executive creative director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners tells Ad Week.  She and her team recently released a campaign called “Unacceptable Acceptance Letters,” which highlights how one in five women will be sexually assaulted in schools across North America. ALSO SEE: Student who carried mattress in protest, Emma Sulkowicz, just released a simulated rape video “We timed our campaign to raise awareness at the earliest point when college becomes a reality—the time when incoming freshmen receive their acceptance letters,” she says.  The campaign features a series of videos as well as a print ad, that highlight that moment when a student receives a college acceptance letter. 

  • Kmart catalogue includes kids with disabilities

    Notice anything different about this catalogue photo? “I would like to congratulate Kmart for having a young boy with a walking frame as a model it [sic] their Easter catalogue,” wrote one commenter.  “A BIG step forward to disability education & recognition.

  • Designer Responds To Body-Shaming Shorts Ad With A Defiant Post

    Who ever thought this shorts ad wouldn’t cause offense? There are some obvious rules when it comes to generating good marketing for a product, and shopping app Wish fell at the first hurdle when they insulted their target market with an ad for shorts. One of the most poignant reactions has come from a 27-year-old Bristol-based fashion designer, Christina Ashman, who turned the body-shaming concept on its head, posting a photo of her wearing a skirt on one leg, topped off with two middle fingers put up to the camera.

  • Study shows how similar the faces of brand models are

    It’s nothing new that the advertising industry often struggles with presenting diverse models – but graphic design company Canva is really making this clear in their latest project, The Average Face of A Brand Model. For the clothing industry, it was a little different – but not much.

  • Spring/summer Balmain campaign suggests a second coming of the supermodel

    If you’re a fan of French brand Balmain you may have spotted some familiar faces in the latest campaign for the spring/summer 2016 collection.  Former supermodels Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell star in a series of edgy black and white photos, making us wonder, is this the second coming of the super model?  Click through the gallery above to see how these style icons look like now compared to their first fashion campaigns – and don’t be surprised if you come to the conclusion that some things really do get better with age. 

  • Ad for wearable translator has tourist trying to kiss girls in Japan

    “I’m going to try and kiss girls I’ve never met before by using this translation device, iLi,” he says in the video. While the concept of a translator that you can wear definitely sounds cool and probably pretty useful for things other than trying to score, the ad makes its intentions rather questionable.