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    Simone Olivero

    Artist turns beauty editorials into stunning gifs

    Fashion magazines have been pushing the envelope for years when it comes to beauty editorials, but artist George Redhawk has taken things to the next level by bringing to life images that were once still.  Part of a project called, The World Through My Eyes, Redhawk suffers from Charles Bonnet syndrome, a degenerative visual condition that will eventually leave him blind. Many people with Charles Bonnet experience complex hallucinations and Redhawk describes the project as, “an artistic expression of the confusion I go through with my vision loss,” according to Voolas.  Click through to the gallery of our favourite gifs from The World Through My Eyes

  • Imagine if Botox lasted for 5 years
    Simone Olivero

    Imagine if Botox lasted for 5 years

    The FDA recently approved Bellafill. The injectable collagen filler uses microspheres that the company claims will, “immediately add volume to the skin to lift wrinkles.” What makes this different from other fillers, like Botox, is that the effects can last up to five years. Five years!

  • The ‘man bun’ is the latest attraction to take over Disneyland
    Simone Olivero

    The ‘man bun’ is the latest attraction to take over Disneyland

    Man bun obsessions are nothing new. In addition, the study claimed, “58 per cent wouldn’t date a guy who wore his hair in a bun, and 74 per cent don’t think their current or former significant other would look attractive if he grew out his hair and put it up in a ball on top of his head.” Based on the popularity of these Instagram accounts, West Coast Shaving may need to run another study.

  • Hair tapestries are the new floral crowns

    Hair tapestries are the new floral crowns

    Forget floral crowns, the latest hair trend is just as pretty and lasts ways longer.  Festival season is likely to blame for bringing back hair wraps from adolescent camp days. The new, upgraded version does more than simply wrap individual strands but rather works horizontally to weave intricate patterns that blanket large patches of hair.  All you need is thread and some sort of framing to hold hair in place while you flex your weaving skills.