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  • Keke Palmer Breaks Down Why Covering Up Her Acne 24/7 Is ‘Fake’

    Keke Palmer knows how to tell it like it is. Keke Palmer deserves a hearty round of applause for three reasons right now. Last, but certainly not least, Palmer vented, shut down a hater-friend, and delivered a message all in one casual sitting on the pressures of always looking perfect, which many women can probably relate to.

  • Leather and Leo! Keke Palmer Proves She’s DiCaprio’s Biggest Fan with Unique Pants

    On Friday afternoon, Palmer, 23, stepped out in New York City wearing a unique two-piece patent leather look. The black collared crop top featured the word “Capulet” written across the back, perhaps an ode to Shakespeare’s Romeo Capulet. Putting both “Capulet” and little Leo together, the singer and Scream Queens star appears to be honoring DiCaprio’s role in the 1996 adaptation film Romeo + Juliet, which costarred Claire Danes.