• Chelsea Handler Takes Her Nudity Campaign Mainstream
    Lauren Tuck

    Chelsea Handler Takes Her Nudity Campaign Mainstream

    Chelsea Handler has gotten naked on Twitter, Instagram, TV, and most likely in the privacy of her own home. Mimicking John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s image from the 1968 album Two Virgins, the comedienne and comedian are holding hands and interlocking their toes with their bare butts facing the camera and casually glancing over their shoulders.  The issue is “devoted to the increasingly charged relations between women and men in America,” according to the magazine. While Instagram has censored her chest, Twitter doesn’t seem to mind and she’s posted topless images of herself in Israel, on a camel, at her 40th birthday, and lying on the ground. Not only does the image seem to indicate the magazine will delve into the double standards surrounding women’s nudity and a a collective squeamishness and sensitivity to seeing anyone uncovered will most likely be addressed, but other societal problems such as gender issues and sexuality as well.  More from Yahoo Style: Are Chelsea Handler’s Nipples the Key to World Peace?

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