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    Influencer Alex Light shares how cameras can 'distort' your appearance in candid post

    "Cameras do funny things and it can mess up the image and we just cannot let that affect our self-esteem."

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    Artist paints 'yes' on women's lips to make a powerful point to men

    The topic of sexual assault is front of mind right now all around the world. Every day people are coming forward to share their stories and experiences, forcing the men who victimized them to face the consequences for their actions. In solidarity some people are protesting, others are writing, and others still are making visual art. One such person is Budapest-based artist Miklós Kiss, who is expressing his thoughts through one simple word and a series of powerful images.Kiss, who goes by his a

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    Selfies can be good for your mental health, it turns out

    Selfies have been getting a bad rep recently, with people saying that they’re ‘vain’, trigger low self esteem and are something that only ‘self-obsessed’ millennials like to do. The group was then randomly split into three, with one third being asked to take a smiling selfie at this time, another to take a picture of an object of place that made them happy, and the final group told to take a picture of something that would make someone else happy before sending it to the person. In other words

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    This Elderly Couple’s Anniversary Photo Shoot Is Super Adorable

    We all like to think that when we’re older we’ll be in rocking chairs, side by side, with ‘the one’. And it’s not a mere dream, it turns out, as one elderly Chinese couple have proven in an amazing photo shoot which celebrates 64 years of marriage.  Wang Lijin and Huang Caozen met in 1952 after Lijin asked Caozen, a seamstress, to tailor a suit for him. And the rest is history.

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    How to Look Great in Photographs

    There are a few key makeup tips however that will help you look great and feel ready for your closeup.

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    Never-Before-Seen Barbara Streisand Moments

    With her outspoken personality, unconventional beauty, and that once-in-a-lifetime voice, Barbra Streisand became a huge, and unexpected, star. When her career was taking off in 1968, photojournalists Steve Schapiro and Lawrence Schiller began photographing her. They worked with Streisand for over seven years, and 240 of those images are featured in a beautiful new book, Barbra: Streisand's Early Years in Hollywood ($750). The pricey collector’s edition from Taschen has only 1,200 copies in prin