• Self-care products to beat the mid-winter blues
    Sarah Rohoman

    Self-care products to beat the mid-winter blues

    February can be a hard month, whether you’re single or in a relationship. The holiday high has worn off, your New Years resolutions are long gone and everywhere you turn there are little cherubs aiming love hearts at you. With all the hype around being happy and in love, some find this month to be particularly difficult – so why not try a self-care night in? SEE ALSO:  This $64 foundation is our new holy grail product Self-care is different for every person, but here a few items that are sure to please: candles , notebooks, and, of course, chocolate. Take a look through our gallery for some ideas on how to pamper yourself and beat the February blues! Let us know what you think by commenting below and tweeting @ YahooStyleCA! Follow us on   Twitter   and   Instagram . Check out Yahoo Canada’s podcast,   Make It Reign   — our hot takes on all things royals in a non-stuffy way — on   Apple Podcasts   and   Google Podcasts .  

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