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  • Kristin Chenoweth's naughty answer stuns Steve Harvey on 'Family Feud': 'I'm a good Christian girl, forgive me'

    Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth was out raising money for her charity on "Celebrity Family Feud," Sunday night.

  • ‘I'm a good Christian girl, forgive me’: Kristin Chenoweth's lewd answer has her apologizing on ‘Family Feud’

    Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth appeared on Celebrity Family Feud, Sunday, to raise money and awareness for her arts and education fund. “You know what, I'm really good with people,” said host Steve Harvey, while introducing the actress. “You are an exceptionally nice person.” His opinion of her was short-lived as he asked, “We asked 100 women, after the lips, what's your favorite part of a man to kiss?” She may have played Glinda the Good in the original Broadway cast of Wicked, but she was Kristin the Naughty on the Feud. “I'm sorry,” she said. “I'm a good Christian girl. Forgive me.” Her guess was so censored that viewers didn’t technically hear what she said, but that didn’t stop them from taking to Twitter to share in sophomoric glee. As for host Steve Harvey, he heard the full uncensored answer and he couldn’t believe it. By the way, the answer was not on the board.

  • Steve Harvey baffled by Rhys Darby's hilarious 'Family Feud' answer: 'This game's going to hell'

    Confusion made comedy on "Celebrity Family Feud," Sunday, as Steve Harvey struggled to understand a response from Rhys Darby.

  • Steve Harvey has another mix-up at Miss Universe pageant: 'They're trying to get me again'

    Steve Harvey has a history of gaffes at the event, dating back to 2015 and again in 2019.

  • Joe Buck goes against his family on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ resulting in an epic fail

    The hall-of-fame sportscaster found out the hard way how not being a team player on this game show can end very badly.

  • Joe Buck didn’t listen to his wife, daughters and sister on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ and it didn't end well

    Hall-of-fame sportscaster Joe Buck found out the hard way Sunday, how going rogue on Celebrity Family Feud can end very badly. Buck, along with his wife, sister, and two daughters, were in a close game against the opposing team consisting of actor Oliver Hudson and some of his friends. And the Buck family had a chance to steal and win the game with the survey question: Name a woman in your life who’s smarter than you. And that’s when things started to go bad for Buck. With the answers “My Bae,” “My Mom” and “My Sister” already on the board, the Buck family came to a consensus for what the fourth and final answer could be. But after the patriarch delivered his answer, “my best friend,” the rest of his family seemed confused. After host Steve Harvey ran the answer up the board to discover that it indeed wasn’t there, he asked everyone what they thought it was. That’s when Buck’s daughter, Natalie, spoke up. “It’s boss, we were gonna say ‘boss.’ But he--,” she said, shaking her finger at her father. So the only way things could have gotten worse for Buck at that point, is if “My Boss” was on the board, which he begged for it not to be. But sure enough, there it was.