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  • How can coronavirus kill young, healthy people?

    Scientists are still figuring out how the virus works. 

  • 11 die from rodent-borne virus: What is hantavirus pulmonary syndrome?

    A deadly disease carried by rodents killed 11 people in Argentina, according to a news alert from the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • How to avoid getting Zika if you’re heading south

    Like many Canadians, I booked a trip to the Caribbean this winter.  Long before the Zika virus began making headlines, I made plans to park myself on a beach for a week, leaving my winter woolies and snow boots behind. But with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring a “global emergency,” many are reconsidering their travel plans.  ALSO SEE: Zika Outbreak Declared International Emergency While the Zika virus is mostly a concern for expectant mothers and those considering conceiving in the near future, it’s still something people are hoping to avoid.